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Best Slowpitch Softball Bats

SPC Sports offers the best Slowpitch Softball Bats from top brands such as DeMarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Miken Sports, and Worth. When shopping for a Slowpitch Softball Bat, it is important to consider the regulating associations. We are proud to be certified by the USSSA and ASA/USA, and our bats are legal for use in all USSSA-sanctioned games. SPC Sports offers a wide variety of composite and wood bats, all of which are compliant with ASA, ISA, NSA, Senior Softball, and USSSA regulations.

SPC Sports Slowpitch Softball bats come in different sizes, weights, and lengths, so you can choose the softball bat that suits you the best. You can select your ideal bat from the size chart and manufacturer, or even select the price range and get the best value available on the market. We offer both one-piece and two-piece styles of softball bats. Our one-piece bats are durable and are ideal for power hitters seeking stiffness and direct energy transfer to the ball. The two-piece loaded softball bats flex more during the swing and dampen vibration resulting in less sting if you hit a cue shot down the line.

Our best slowpitch softball bats are made of the highest quality materials and construction techniques to ensure that they can withstand the rigors of the sport. Our Slowpitch Softball Bats are durable and high-performing and perfect for competitive or recreational leagues by male and female players of all ages. Our bats are designed for softball players and teams who want to improve their game. With our high-quality bats, you'll be able to swing for the fences with confidence.

With free shipping and a full twelve-month manufacturer's warranty period, you can be sure that you're getting the best possible product.

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions to help you make an informed decision:

How heavy is a softball bat?

The average bat for Slowpitch Softball weighs 28 ounces. You can choose from lighter or heavier versions depending on your preference, whether you want a weapon that will let you make solid contact and swing fast, all the way up to a very heavy one, so it takes more effort but produces even more power when hitting balls into fields!

How to choose a best Slowpitch Softball bat?

Almost all Slowpitch bats are 34 inches long and weigh 24 - 30 oz. So choosing the ideal slowpitch softball bat depends on the type of player you are! For bigger players looking to swing for the fence, a bat in the 28 oz to 30 oz range is ideal, while the smaller or average-sized players should use a bat in the 25 to 27 oz. This bat is also ideal for those looking for more bat speed.

Is there a difference between slowpitch and fastpitch bats?

Yes, there is! While a slowpitch bat is designed to hit a ball traveling around 25 mph, fastpitch softball bats are meant to hit balls traveling at excessive speed. Consequently, fastpitch bats are designed to offer speed and quick reaction, while slowpitch bats are for slugging the ball.

What is the lifespan of a softball bat?

Composite bats are made of materials that will last anywhere from 1-3 years after being broken in. For regular use, a composite bat might only have an expected lifespan of 2 growing seasons before it needs replacing; however, if you're using your stickball weapon less often than annually, then more than 3 years could be the norm!

What are the types of Slowpitch Softball Bats?

SPC Sports offer a vast majority of bats categorized by two different parameters: design and materials.

Based on the way the bat is put together, there are one-piece and two-piece bats offering different advantages.

Based on the material, which has a significant impact on the performance and lifespan of the bats, SPC Sports offers Composite and Wood Slowpitch Softball Bats. Composite bats made from a mix of carbon fiber, graphite, fiberglass, or even Kevlar, rely primarily on the flexibility of these materials, which enhances the trampoline effect of the barrel. In comparison, Wood is the material of choice for a traditional league providing a hitting experience to the true hitting artiste.

What is a Bat Trade-In?

The Bat trade-in is a program that allows you to upgrade a used bat into a brand new BBCOR stick. You can trade-in your softball bats with SPC Sports by simply filling up an online trade-in form. You will be notified by the staff when the form is accepted, and after the trade-in is processed, you'll receive an email with your gift certificate.

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